I use databases as a means of communication with other people working on a project, for proofing project data, for mailings, and relational databases to evaluate data.

I researched and added people, companies, organizations, and schools to our marketing database. I was specifically looking for influencers–people who give presentations at conferences, give classes for professionals, professors in specific areas, and speech therapists who work with clients whose native language is Spanish.

This is a shot of the FileMaker Pro database used for a project. I was required to draw over 500 drawings. The speech therapist wrote a description of the image she wanted for the target word. I indicated when the images were completed. The therapist would then give approval or enter a note for changes.

Database Artic Games

This is an example of an online database with photos. Most of the photos were supplied by the speech therapist. Photos were selected and edited to represent a target word. If an appropriate photo was not available, I supplied them. I categorizied the photos and they were approved by the speech therapist.

Database Artic4

This is example of how I use relational databases. In the example I can immediately see that I have assigned Grade 2 to each word, that all of the words are sight words, and that the words “its” and “made” are confusion words and homophones.

Confusion Words