Touring Machine Company–Unusual Attitudes and Instrument Failure

This has been my favorite project. I took photos of a six pack for reference. I drew each instrument in layers in Flash. Then handed them off to the programmer.

Six Pack

Touring Machine Company–Parts of Planes–External

I designed this project in Flash. The objective was to practice identifying the external parts of a variety of planes. When you roll over the part, it becomes highlighted with a label.

Plane ID

Precision Monitoring Website

Precision Monitoring is a telemetry company. The owner of this site wanted a clean modern presence. I designed this site, chose graphs and images, and created some of the content.

Precision Monitoring Website

Sensor Sentry

I redesigned Sensor Sentry’s customer site. Sensor Sentry is a telemetry company. The customer signs in to collect data from the sensors installed in their facility or fields.

Sensor Sentry Customer Site Redesign

Glen at Broadstone Website Design

The owner of this site needed a web site in preparation for a meeting with the bank. The owner provided most of the content. The owners used a printed copy of the site in their presentation to the bank.

Glen at Broadstone Website Design

Stafford-Casitas Website Design

The client needed a way to present their rental units. This site shows off the interiors of the units, provides easy access to rental documents, and highlights the proximity to campus.

Stafford LasCasitas Website

SHI–Central Coast Interiors

The owner of this site provided photos and content. We did the site design made some minor edits to the content. We also did some minor editing to the photos.

The site has been taken down. In order to view the site design a name substitution was made.

Central Coast Interiors Website