Learning Fundamentals

Learning Fundamentals is a company that produces software for language, learning, and speech. I designed multiple catalogs and postcards.

Learning Fundamentals Catalog

Precision Monitoring

Vineyard and Wine Cellar Monitoring Brochure

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can ruin an otherwise promising harvest. This brochure explains the services provided by Precision Monitoring.

Precision Monitoring Brochure

World of Pinot Noir Postcard

This postcard was used to inform conference attendees that wine cellar temperature and humidity is something that doesn’t have to be left to chance.

Precision Monitoring Postcard

Sensor Sentry

Sensor Sentry Postcard/Brochure

The brochure highlights the features of the Sensor Sentry service.

Sensor Sentry Brochure

The postcard is a summary of a more detailed brochure. It is designed to inform potential customers of the services offered by Sensor Sentry and direct them to the web site for more information.

Sensor Sentry Postcard


The rack card is used to promote Stafford-Las Casitas rental properties.

Stafford Las Casitas Rack Card

The postcard is for notices and communications to Stafford-Las Casitas renters.

Stafford Las Casitas Post Card

Womenade is a great organization that helps people who may not be able to find help anywhere else. I was asked to design 3 posters for an event.

Womenade Posters

David Scarry Construction

The postcard was used to advertise office rentals.

Walnut Street Postcard